Integration Package

We teach them how to speak more confidently and properly as it will help the student to have a better social life, to have a better understanding of western culture, to have a better quality of life whilst living abroad and ultimately better career prospects after graduation.

We offer this service to solve the common problem that occurs among Chinese students. Our belief is that that Chinese students need help with speaking English more confidently, more correct English, learning about the Western Culture and other helpful lessons that will help the student integrate and settle in faster into the foreign country.

Our one-on-one classes begin in China and continue when the student is living in the foreign country. We also provide a welcome package when the students arrive in the country. Our representatives in each country will meet the student, tell them where everything is and be of assistance to the student if they need help with something.

For example, setting up a bank account, finding the best supermarkets, Chinese supermarkets, recommended activities, best restaurants, places to study and other tips about the city.